Our Story

Welcome to BLXCK

At BLXCK, we believe in the power of mystery and the allure of monochrome elegance. Our brand is driven by a passion for timeless fashion, designed for those who appreciate the subtle art of minimalism. Behind every stitch and pixel of BLXCK, there are two visionaries who prefer to let their work speak for itself.

Meet Mr. Blxck

Mr. Blxck is the creative genius behind BLXCK. Known for his impeccable eye for detail and a unique vision that transcends the ordinary, Mr. Blxck has chosen to remain anonymous, always appearing in public with a mask. This anonymity is not just a choice but a necessity, as Mr. Blxck lives with monochrome vision, seeing the world through a lens of black and white. This perspective shapes his designs, infusing them with a distinct and compelling edge.

Mr. Blxck’s dedication to his craft is unparalleled. He meticulously handles every aspect of the design process, ensuring that each piece reflects the essence of BLXCK’s aesthetic. Additionally, he oversees the brand’s digital presence, crafting a seamless online experience that mirrors the sophistication of our clothing.

Meet Mr. X

Where creativity meets strategy, you’ll find Mr. X. As the entrepreneurial mind behind BLXCK, Mr. X is the driving force that propels our brand into the spotlight. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and a flair for brand storytelling, Mr. X ensures that BLXCK’s presence is felt far and wide.

Mr. X manages all aspects of marketing and brand appearance, crafting campaigns that resonate with our audience and create a lasting impression. His expertise in building and sustaining a brand ensures that BLXCK remains at the forefront of fashion innovation, while maintaining the mysterious allure that sets us apart.

Our Philosophy

BLXCK is more than a clothing brand; it’s a movement. We celebrate the beauty of monochrome, the elegance of simplicity, and the power of anonymity. Our designs are a reflection of this ethos, offering timeless pieces that speak to those who value subtle sophistication over fleeting trends.

Join us on this journey, and become part of the BLXCK story. Embrace the mystery, and discover the elegance within.

Band members

Annabell Bjelland


Bernard Dayes


Kurt Sparks


Judd Finch